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The best of Americana, country and roots – offering a weekly journey through alt-country, alternative, bluegrass, blues, cajun, country & western, cow-punk, folk/neo-folk/post-folk/alt-folk, hillbilly, mariachi, singer/songwriter, southern gothic, southern rock, stringband, tejano, tex-mex, twang and zydeco. And the occasional curve ball!
UPDATE April 2022: Todd is currently taking a break from producing new programmes – don’t worry he’ll be back soon – in the meantime we’re treating you to some vintage editions of Americanaville.


Todd Westbrook



Tuesday 21:00 – 22:00
Thursday 15:00 – 16:00 Encore presentation
Saturday 00:00 – 01:00 Encore presentation
Sunday 13:00 – 14:00 Encore presentation


Americanaville is celebrating show 300 tonight, after which I’ll be taking a break of indeterminate length to mull a new format/concept. Thanks for tuning in over the last six years, been a true pleasure and real privilege… TW


The Americanaville Power Company has apologised to shareholders after raising prices by 50% for the most disadvantaged households. 'We meant to double it,' said chief exec Gaspard 'Graspy' Savage. 'Maybe next time.'

1/2 Internet down and hot-spotting so resolution to go all multimedia will have to wait a bit & old school approach will endure. On this week's A-ville you heard: @PoRamblinBoys, @whitmoresisters, @amythystkiah, @jdmcphersonjr, @Jake_Penrod, #nancigriffith, @JasonHawkHarris...

1/2 Gonna meet the inlaws for dinner – and have been promised mac & cheese – so without further ado, this week's A-ville playlist: #goodlooks, @ourcleverhopes, @TheHawtThorns, @IanNoeMusic, @roseanne_reid, @JohnnyCash, #mariachielbronx, @DwightYoakam, #newridersofthepurplesage...

SMALL TOWN NEWS: The injured man had been arguing animatedly against trumpets in country music when he tripped on the stone circle and toppled backward into the centerpiece of the 18th annual Johnny Cash Bonfire Night. 'Had to happen eventually,' said organiser Sparky Imbroglio.

1/2 Another 57 minutes of joy on this week's Americanaville, which in addition to music included poetry & rambling monologues. The good stuff came from #theknitters, @CarsonMcHone13, @massyferguson, @KyHeads, @TheDeadSouth4, @daleannmusic & #DannyPaisley, @kittythefool...


Engineers upgrading the Yellow Wood intersection have improved access where the road splits into Hwy 1 and Rte 26. 'It is all about giving individuals a clear choice,' said Billy 'Tar' MacAdam. 'Both roads are still one way. But with much better visibility.'

1/2 Attended A-ville for 57 minutes. Wasn't aware it was a radio show. Now regret my actions. In my defence, was distracted by music... you heard: #aaronskiles, @BandofHeathens, @sarahshook, @ConnollyAgs, #jdcrowe, @whitacreband, @allmanbrothers, @sonvoltmusic, @SteveEarle...

SMALL TOWN NEWS (is back!):

The Americanaville Oxymoron Society has split into warring factions over claims a lone word can be its own contradiction. 'The singular crowd are insane and idiotic,' said one of the two-word traditionalists. 'Indescribable.'

1/2 Americanaville kicked off 2022 with mixtape featuring best songs of last year (humble opinion etc). You heard: @GAThunderbolts, @jacksonsellers_, @TTChilders, @SGMGtheband, @summerdeanmusic w/@ColterWall, @MuscadineBLine, @oldtownflood, @VivianandRiley, @KaitlinButts...

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